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The EcHT Craftsmen Catalog:

Whole sale catalog

Design & Build Inspirations

Contracting Examples

Straightforward objects for your daily life that you or loved ones will enjoy and that will last.

A curated collection for your personal expression. Useful things that are both, enhancing the moment and timeless - to become life mainstays, to be passed on as collectors pieces.

Custom Service

We custom- craft for you, the ECHT aassociated craftsmen in Pittsburgh, the US and in Europe.

Tell us about your custom crafting ideas, wishes and specifications using the email buttons. We will send you pricing info. Find ideas for larger items on our CONTRACTING section. Our CERAMIC TILE SECTION shows interior design offerings.

107 Penn Ave

221 Brownsville Rd

Pittsburgh PA 15210 USA

Phone: 412 – 4786816


Bus 48, 51, 44 to Downtown, 54 to Oakland